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We like it hot!

Hermosa Hot is a family business that came to be in 2010. I, Don, decided to create a hot sauce that had a kick but more importantly had flavor. After trying many commercial hot sauces to enhance the flavors of my favorite foods, I decided to create one of my own that would bring more than just heat to my meal. My wife, Brigette, has family roots in agriculture and spices. In partnership with my wife, I spent six months working on numerous recipes until I found exactly what I was looking for, perfection.


Once I identified the perfect blend of peppers and spices, I began my search for a manufacturer that could help bring this creation to life. My mother-in-law, Janet, told me about such a manufacturer located in Santa Paula, California, known as Red Hot Foods. After meeting the owners, Butch and Burma, I was happy to discover that they could help transform my hot sauce recipe from a kitchen creation to a market. Soon after this meeting I was able to bring Hermosa Hot to the world.


My daughter and son, Tatiana and Stone, manage our social media platforms, website and distribution. My wife manages all orders and logistics behind the marketing and sales. I create the product and work on ideas for new flavors to share with all of you!


With it's slow heat and incredible dynamic flavor, Hermosa Hot is not your typical hot sauce. Please enjoy it with all of your favorite foods. The creation of this hot sauce has sparked many new ideas, so look forward to new products in the future! 

Hermosa Hot

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